Posted on: February 22, 2008 11:04 pm

Hillbilly Logic

Welcome to the first installment of "Hillbilly Logic". I must warn you that this is not for everyone and if I must issue a disclaimer then I will....down the road!

 I would like to start off with a topic steeped in controversy and one that has been beaten like an old mule...The Rich Rodriguez Case!

 I know that there are alot of people out there who are tired of the continuing saga and wish that it would all just end! Amen to that!! But.... it is my opinion that WVU needs to stick to their guns on the issue of the buy-out and insist on receiving the full amount that the contract stipulated. It is my feeling that the University has a very solid case, and needs to see it all the way through to the end. Why? I think and hope that this will be a watershed case that could set some positive precedents in the way future events go down. Things like how schools conduct coaching searches, the enforceability of coaches' contracts, and how involved sleazy agents are permitted to become in regard to collegiate athletic programs. If WVU prevails in this lawsuit, as I believe they will, then some precedents will be set that can have some positive influences down the road.

 I know that people are tiring of hearing about the legal wranglings, comparing it to jilted lovers or messy divorce, etc. That does an injustice to the underlying principal that is at stake here. I hear all the arguments! Settle for less, don't be obstinate, move on, etc. These are all lame arguments so far as I am concerned.   I am also hearing some people complain about the continuing coverage the issue is being given in the media.  I don't mind the media reporting on what is happening on the legal front, it keeps us informed. I don't like it when the media adds commentary or puts a slant on what happened toward one side or the other. I like to think that I am smart enough to evaluate and analyze the facts, and I don't ask for or need any help from anyone in the media in doing so!

 People say that the continuation of this is making WVU and the people of West Virginia look bad. Why would that be so? If WVU is in the right on the issue of a signed contract and wins in the end, then how does that make it look bad, exactly? Suddenly everyone is concerned over how WVU and the people of West Virginia will be regarded? I really hate to break it to anyone who doesn't know it, but WVU, the people of the Mountain State, and all our sports programs have never exactly been venerated by the Mass Media or the Nation as a whole. The media was denegrating our State, University, and people long before anything to do with this Rodriguez situation developed. If WVU were to settle, somehow I don't think it will improve how we are covered by the media. Hey, I'm a hillbilly, not stupid or naive!

 I believe that WVU needs to see this issue through to the end and not settle for one cent less than the entire amount required by the contract. A contract that was freely signed by Rodriguez, with his agent and consulting attorneys on hand when he signed it. He knew full well what the contract called for.

 Now, what if WVU loses the legal battle? I don't see that happening, but if it did, I for one will not fault the University or those making the decisions for doing the right thing...the principaled thing...or fighting the good fight! I may be in the minority on this issue, but I would rather see the University not receive anything, than settle with the likes of Rodriguez and his sleazy agent and lawyers for less than the full amount of the buyout! Anything less will not make WVU look better, no matter how much anyone wants us to believe it. It would be spun as a win for Rodriguez and would set a terrible precedent for similar future contract enforcements.  I say hold their feet to the fire until it burns the hair off their heads!!   DON'T SETTLE!!    FIGHT!!!     GO MOUNTAINEERS!

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